Pricing $24/dozen for standard; $30/dozen for premium (delivery charges may apply)

Cash or check accepted - please make checks payable to Megan Canfield or Derby Cakes - We also accept debit/credit at time of delivery

Call 317 985-8950or email to order

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Holy Cow! It's been too long and there are loads of new stuff!!!!

Wow, it has been way too long since this page was updated!  I am certainly not using this page to the best of its abilities. 

There have been a lot of changes to the menu and that will be updated today.  We now have cuppys for Dill and Brownie Hero and A-Squared (djs for the Naptown Roller Girls bouts) are in the testing process.  We are taste testing 3 new flavors this weekend for Roll R Damage, Fly and Bona Contention of the Circle City Derby Girls.  I would love to tell you the flavors, but want to wait until they are tested.  Let’s just say they have this girls mouth watering!  Here are the new flavors!

Danica McKiller went from the rule enforcer to the Rule Breaker.  She used to send the bad derby girls to the penalty box and finally decided to be a bad derby girl herself.  Then life happened and she broke the number one rule of roller derby, getting pregnant!  She is enjoying the sweet life of motherhood now, but lives on in cuppy form.  A lemon cake topped with lemon buttercream is sure to brighten your day!  This is a perfect summer cuppy, but why not enjoy it year round.
Danica McKiller, Naptown Roller Girls

Better than Sex
We had to have one!  Who better than Dill and Brownie Hero to claim it!  You’ll enjoy a delicious chocolate brownie cuppy sandwich in this their enticing cupcake.  The cuppy is served as a sandwich, with a peanut butter frosting and dill pickle filling.  We know, it sounds weird, but it is “O” so good!
Dill and Brownie Hero, NRG Announcers
Allergen: Contains nuts

Monday, June 20, 2011

Derby Cakes will be here with yummy cuppys - Don't miss out!

Race City Rebels vs. Twin City Terrors

Home Game: Jul. 9, 2011
The Forum at Fishers
9022 East 126th Street
Fishers, IN 46038

Make sure to come by the booth and taste the yummy offerings.  This time, a portion of the sales will go to LoriAid!  Not familiar with LoriAid? Lori is a derby girl that sustained some serious injuries during a domestic violence attack.  Lori does not have health insurance and the medical bills are steep.  Derby is a community, and we all must take care of each other when in need.  Please purchase a cupcake and help Lori!  So far, we've raised $60.  Let's do that and more on the 9th.

The roster is not set at this moment in time, but I can't not have the Hawt Moon or Beattie's Brew.  Yes, I was given a penalty for not having Beattie's cuppy last time.  I learned that lesson and won't make that mistake twice.  The others are still working on their skills.  Of course I'm not implying any of my cupcakes aren't roster ready, I just don't know what I want to bake yet.  : )

Oh, I was playing around with ingredients this weekend.  I came up with The Afterparty cuppy.  Too bad I can't sell it as it has alcohol that doesn't cook off in the frosting.  It was so yummy!  Darn laws.  : )

Friday, April 29, 2011

What will be featured May 7th at the Race City rebels bout!

You will NOT want to miss this!  Double header derby (men and women) and Derby Cakes deliciousness!  Oh My!  It's almost too much to handle.  Here are the flavors that will be featured at the bout on May 7th.  We'll have a few dozen each, so get there early and hungry.  If you think you might want to take some home (if any leftover), we'll have boxes. 

Peppermint Splatty’s
In honor of the Circle City Derby Girls and Splatty Hearst, you will enjoy a twist on a classic flavor.  A chocolate cake with a mild peppermint flavor, filled with creamy frosting that shows its jealousy, and topped with a peppermint buttercream that is not ashamed of its strong personality.  Face hits aren’t allowed in derby, but in Derby Cakes world, all helmets are off!  You will also enjoy a cherry on top and crunchy peppermint candy crumbles.  Yes Sir, you will surely want more! 


The Silencer (in honor of Poker Face)
Your dogs barkin’ from a long day on the track?  Do you have derby girls yelling in your ear on just how they’re gonna take you down?  Well, this is for you!  A delicious chocolate cupcake filled with a peanut butter cup, topped with chocolate ganache, peanut butter frosting and a slice of peanut butter cup!  Make sure you drink a tall cool glass of something with this one!  If you can share, just shove one in your opponent’s mouth and she’s sure to be quiet! You Willa want this one fo sho! 

Allergen: Contains nuts

Sour Bootie - per request
Breezin’ByYa didn’t think anyone would want to eat a cupcake inspired by her sour butt!  She challenged us and we rose to the occasion.  You’ll enjoy a lemon-lime combination, with just the right pucker power!  Anytime you want someone to kiss you’re a, just give ‘em this!


Beattie’s Brew
She’s stirring a bubbling cauldron of trouble and toil set to unleash on you!  This cake will hex and vex you with its pistachio and raspberry flavors, all topped with cream cheese frosting.  You will easily fall under her spell.

Allergen: Contains nuts


Hawt Moon
Hawt Rod has landed!  Hawt Rod has rocketed himself into stardom as one of the newest Race City Rebels.  He bares all in his cuppy form. A delicious banana cuppy packed with chocolate chips and pecans, topped with vanilla buttercream and brown sugar butter sauce.  Rich, decadent, and “pure awesomeness!”  Don’t wait for a blue moon to order! 

Allergen: Contains nuts