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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Holy Cow! It's been too long and there are loads of new stuff!!!!

Wow, it has been way too long since this page was updated!  I am certainly not using this page to the best of its abilities. 

There have been a lot of changes to the menu and that will be updated today.  We now have cuppys for Dill and Brownie Hero and A-Squared (djs for the Naptown Roller Girls bouts) are in the testing process.  We are taste testing 3 new flavors this weekend for Roll R Damage, Fly and Bona Contention of the Circle City Derby Girls.  I would love to tell you the flavors, but want to wait until they are tested.  Let’s just say they have this girls mouth watering!  Here are the new flavors!

Danica McKiller went from the rule enforcer to the Rule Breaker.  She used to send the bad derby girls to the penalty box and finally decided to be a bad derby girl herself.  Then life happened and she broke the number one rule of roller derby, getting pregnant!  She is enjoying the sweet life of motherhood now, but lives on in cuppy form.  A lemon cake topped with lemon buttercream is sure to brighten your day!  This is a perfect summer cuppy, but why not enjoy it year round.
Danica McKiller, Naptown Roller Girls

Better than Sex
We had to have one!  Who better than Dill and Brownie Hero to claim it!  You’ll enjoy a delicious chocolate brownie cuppy sandwich in this their enticing cupcake.  The cuppy is served as a sandwich, with a peanut butter frosting and dill pickle filling.  We know, it sounds weird, but it is “O” so good!
Dill and Brownie Hero, NRG Announcers
Allergen: Contains nuts

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